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Grading Guide

Grading Guide

Our aim is to describe exactly what we are selling, so that we always meet or exceed your expectations. We prepare and grade our balls with great care, so you can be confident you will be getting what you pay for. All of the recycled golf balls we sell are individually hand washed, using no chemical agents, and sorted into their grades. This process takes time but ensures all our recycled golf balls are up to the standards you expect, and with no chemical damage to the cover.

The lake golf balls and recycled golf balls we supply are graded by us strictly according to the categories described below.  So you can choose the balls that meet your needs and suit your pocket. Below we describe our grading system, and the packs we sell.

Our Grades

Pearl: These balls look and feel like brand new balls straight out of the box, with no signs of play. Some may have a logo or other very minor identification mark.

Grade A: These are of excellent quality, having only missed out on Pearl grade due to a pen mark or tiny blemish. Likely only ever to have been used for one or two holes.

Grade B: Superb value balls which will show signs of play, ideal for high handicappers. Some will have just missed out on Grade A due to a small scuff, while others will show other minor marks or discolouration. All playable, and does not include any x-outs or balls marked “practice”.

Practice: These are well-used balls and x-outs, etc. No splits, range, or small-sized balls. Ideal for practice at home or at the park.

The Packs We Sell

Based on this grading, we generally offer balls for sale in the following packs:

12 Pearl/Grade A Packs: The majority of balls in these packs are of Pearl quality, and are sold with a minority of the very best quality Grade A balls. Many of our competitors would sell these packs as “Pearl”.

40 Pearl/Grade A Packs: These balls are a mix of Pearl and Grade A balls. Grade A balls in these packs will show a very minor sign of previous use, be it a logo, pen mark or tiny blemish which has not damaged the ball. Unlike other online sellers our Grade A balls will not be scuffed, discoloured or worn.

40 and 100 Grade B Packs: Our grade B packs represent excellent value for money. These balls will show signs of play, scuffs, pen marks, wear and logos. Perfect for high handicappers, lake shots or practice balls for lower handicappers. These packs may include the occasional refurbished ball.

100 Practice Grade Packs: Our Practice balls are just that, and are ideal for practice at home or in the park. Generally with signs of use, wear, scuffs, or discolouration, and they also include X-Outs and balls marked “Practice” (which could be ‘as new’ balls). But they will have no splits or other damage that affect their hittability.

In the case of Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1X balls, we also offer the following packs:

12 Grade A Packs: These packs are 100% the very best quality Grade A balls. Many of our competitors would sell these packs as “Pearl”.

40 Grade A-/B+ Packs: These packs are made up of some Grade A balls and some balls that have just failed to meet our Grade A standard, which is why we call them B+ balls.

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